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Summer bodies are made in winter

Summer bodies are made in winter

Okay, okay. We know it’s a cliche. But there’s definitely a truth to the whole ‘summer bodies are made in winter thing’. Every year when summer finally rolls around again, we hear everyone around us going into a panic that they’ve put weight on over winter. That they’re not bikini-ready. And that if they want to look good on the beach or on that exotic holiday they’re going on, they need to change up their routine, and fast.

Summer’s around the corner… think fast!

The real truth is that if you didn’t let yourself indulge so much over the cooler months, and made efforts to stick to a healthier lifestyle all year-round, then there’s really no reason to freak out just before summer. Because you’ll no longer dream about your summer body… it’ll just be, well, your body! When the temperatures start to drop and the days become shorter, it’s easy to give into cravings for comfort food, which is typically of the carby, cheesy, baked or fried kind. It’s a habit we’ve all fallen victim to, but it’s also an easy one to break. Simple Nutrition isn’t just another diet fad or get-thin-quick scheme (though it does have plenty of weight loss benefits!). Rather, it’s about promoting a healthier lifestyle and helping to educate people on what that looks like. It’s about inspiring people to pass on their craving for deep fried dim sims on a rainy Tuesday night, and think about what they’re really putting in their bodies.

It may taste yum… but it certainly won’t feel yum afterwards.

Our signature product Simple Cleanse is a great way to start, particularly if you’ve never taken much notice of your diet before. And while it does require a certain level of commitment, it’s easy to do and it doesn’t last half as long as many of the competing programs out there. When we talk about Simple Cleanse, we’re talking about our bottle of homeopathic drops… but we’re also talking about the cleanse program that works hand in hand with it. The whole idea is that you follow a cleanse program for three or six weeks (and it’s pretty easy, since we provide a whole bunch of recipes, shopping lists and more to stick to) whilst taking the drops three times a day. Each day you’ll only consume 500 calories, which may not sound like a whole lot, but you won’t be hungry. The drops are designed to encourage your body to take the remaining calories it needs from your existing fat stores, leaving you with what feels like a full tummy. The program works beautifully with people who struggle to lose weight easily, since the drops are made to target problem areas that just don’t seem to budge. We all have at least one of them - whether it be your tummy, your thighs, your waist or your arms. And essentially, by doing the program for just three weeks, you’ll lose the fastest five to seven kilos you’ve ever lost - but you won’t be hungry. Take things to the next level with the six-week program, and you’ll lose between seven to fifteen kilos, just like that.

There’s no better feeling than that ‘just lost weight’ feeling!

Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll then begin a less intensive three-week phase where you’ll stop taking the drops but slowly reintroduce some of the less-carby foods you used to eat. At this phase, your body will actually ‘reset’ itself, meaning it’ll just assume that your current weight is your natural weight, and it’ll help maintain itself through metabolism. The real beauty of the program though, is that you’ll gain a better understanding of how food makes you feel, and what kinds of food you should be either eating less of or avoiding altogether. Many of our Cleansers say since doing the program, they’ve become a whole lot more aware of what they’re consuming, and have used this knowledge to make easy but healthier choices. While we do encourage our users to practise healthy eating all year-round, if you are one of those people keen to get into shape before summer, Simple Cleanse is your new best friend. Start the program now and, just like your winter coat, you’ll shed those extra kilos you’ve been carrying around to proudly show off the new you. By the way, there is a whole science behind Simple Cleanse, so if you’d like to read more (or if you’re sold already and want to try it yourself!), you can check it out here, along with plenty more of our all-natural, healthy products range.


- The Simple Cleanse team xo